Hi, I'm Denny.

I’m a digital product designer who has been helping mission-driven companies to scale for more than a decade.

As the founding product designer at Hillary for America I assembled a diverse team that designed 42 applications in 16 months, raised $960 million dollars, and earned the votes of 66 million Americans.

Prior to the campaign I was the first product designer at charity: water, an innovative fundraising organization that inspired Tony Hawk, Will Smith, Richard Branson, and thousands of everyday people to fundraise for those in need. During my time there, we successfully implemented sustainable water solutions for more than 5 million people in 22 countries.

I've also worked with General Assembly, Hard Candy Shell, Disney, Discovery Channel, and AOL.

I've spoken at the M.I.T. Global Innovation Summit in Guatemala City and the Future of Web Design conference in NYC, as well as various companies including Dropbox & ustwo. And then there was that time I got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange - that was cool.

Currently, I’m leading the design team at Architizer and consulting with companies of all sizes. If you're working on something interesting - say hi!

Thanks for stopping by,